Teresa Rodríguez accuses Susana Díaz of "auparse" on Sánchez's back "because now she thinks it's in her best interest"

Teresa Rodríguez accuses Susana Díaz of "auparse" on Sánchez

The general coordinator of Podemos Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, has accused the president and secretary general of the PSOE-A, Susana Díaz, of trying to “auparse” now on the back of the president of the Government and leader of his party, Pedro Sánchez, “because understands that democratically suits him. “

In an interview with Europa Press, Rodriguez has warned that the head of the Andalusian Executive now “is going to stand on his back that he was hitting for months” because he does well electorally despite “systematically worked to get an investiture of Mariano Rajoy, even giving a coup within his party “and despite that” he systematically worked against the motion of censorship that placed Sánchez in the government “but now, when it is a reality,” it may be one of the beneficiaries “of said initiative.

Thus, he warned that Susana Diaz, of the institutional meeting he had with Sanchez, “brought as much as his first electoral campaign”, since he has demanded that he “reach the end” in the defense of the agreement on the autonomic financing set by the Andalusian Parliament with the support of four of the five political parties represented, all except Cs. “In exchange for 500 million, which are not such because 150 are of the deliveries to accounts and 350 depend on the flexibility of the deficit, we do not renounce the 4,000 million corresponding to Andalusia,” he added.

Thus, Rodriguez has questioned that Susana Diaz says he will not renounce such agreement because “you see little belligerence about the resignation that Sanchez has made to renew the funding model, especially when the Minister of Finance is the Andalusian ex-councilor, María Jesús Montero, who was the architect of the Andalusian document.

He insisted that one has to “reach the end” of an agreement that was closed by the Andalusian parliamentary sovereignty represented in four groups “that make up a very large absolute majority of the political representation of the Andalusians”, since he has stated that if a serious attempt is not made and a reform of the system that waits since 2014 for its reform and that can not wait two more years is put on the table, “Montero should resign”. And so, he warned: “Either he already does it or resigns: that is to be coherent and to reach the end”.

After guaranteeing that Podemos will defend the financing agreement until the end, Teresa Rodríguez has emphasized the contributions that her party has made this term to achieve some achievements such as “that the Social Services Law does not contain the seed of privatization, that the Law of Democratic Memory has a truth commission that makes it nothing more than a legislative adornment, we have contributed for the Disability Law to have significant advances or for Andalusia to have a law against antibiotics that is vanguard in the country. “

“But that generosity we have not found in the opposite direction,” lamented the leader of the purple party that has explained that “when it has been necessary to contribute to laws of PSOE-A that are progressive for Andalusia have had Podemos on their side, but the PSOE-A has despised with little consideration the eleven legislative proposals that Podemos has promoted “.

Thus, he has criticized that the PSOE-A and PP-A “ally” to reject the laws of Podemos, an initiative with which the purple party has been configuring a legislative baggage that, as Rodriguez has explained, will serve for the next electoral campaign because now “we have a much more defined project, which has behind it a very specific legislative work and that is capable of going beyond the slogan to the concrete proposal”.


On the other hand, Teresa Rodriguez has warned that the PSOE of Pedro Sanchez and the leader in Andalusia Susana Diaz “are different in some things and the same in others” because this match, in Spain, “has been the architect of things well done and also of losses of rights “, since he recalled that the first” particularly hard “labor reforms were put on the table by Felipe González, just as the PSOE set in motion the processes of industrial reconversion,” which have been especially painful for Andalusia”.

As far as Andalusia is concerned, he has considered that “susanism in itself is a particular phenomenon within the PSOE”. “In addition to being demonstrated that it is the most right-wing sector within the PSOE, it has been the only PSOE that has decided to privilege alliances with Cs against alliances with Podemos, they have also been the main architects of Rajoy’s last inauguration, even generating a coup against Sanchez that was promoted from the PSOE-A, “he added.

“And after 40 years of government in Andalusia are the main stakeholders in that things continue as they are but the PSOE-A can not be a party of transformation and change”, has continued the policy of Cadiz that has pointed out that while the Socialists defended that autonomy had benefited families in the autonomous community, “there are certain families linked to the PSOE-A that have improved their status but, seeing the data, the Andalusian social majority has been losing rights especially in the last ten years”.

The leader of the purple party has warned that Andalusia “runs on a path of no development” and this, in his opinion, “is the result of the PSOE-A policies.” “They are doing well but the Andalusian social majority can do much better,” he said.

Likewise, and following the accusations of Susana Díaz pointing to Podemos Andalucía as the most radical within the party, Teresa Rodríguez has considered that each one sees the left and right depending on where they are positioned. “In the place where Susana Díaz is, we must look like radical left-wing radicals who put on the table initiatives to justify the diets with a ticket, which equates unemployments to unemployment, to launch an anti-corruption office or an accounting law. clear and open to prevent corruption and avoid things that embarrass us to the point that there is money from the unemployed who have gone to brothels, “he said ironically.

“Put on the table measures that can avoid that must seem absolute radicalism,” added Rodriguez, who has warned that “you can do a survey within the PSOE on which is the right most and there will be an absolute coincidence in that Susana Díaz represents exactly that “, the PSOE” more right-wing and more professional “.

And is that, as pointed out, is formed by a second generation of socialist militants “who have been released since the age of 18 and who have participated in the party, the government or the administration, or have been changing with revolving doors, since they turned 18 until now. ” “They are not socialist militants who come from the struggle against the dictatorship, the syndicalism or the neighborhood movement or feminist, they are people who have set their teeth in the seats and in politics as a profession, that’s why they are special in Andalusia”, added the leader of Podemos Andalucía to refer to them as “the test tubes of Andalusian socialism”. “And all that, it’s susanismo”, has settled.

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