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The general coordinator of Podemos Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, has accused the president and secretary general of the PSOE-A, Susana Díaz, of trying to “auparse” now on the back of the president of the Government and leader of his party, Pedro Sánchez, “because understands that democratically suits him. ”

In an interview with Europa Press, Rodriguez has warned that the head of the Andalusian Executive now “is going to stand on his back that he was hitting for months” because he does well electorally despite “systematically worked to get an investiture of Mariano Rajoy, even giving a coup within his party “and despite that” he systematically worked against the motion of censorship that placed Sánchez in the government “but now, when it is a reality,” it may be one of the beneficiaries “of said initiative.

Thus, he warned that Susana Diaz, of the institutional meeting he had with Sanchez, “brought as much as his first electoral campaign”, since he has demanded that he “reach the end” in the defense of the agreement on the autonomic financing set by the Andalusian Parliament with the support of four of the five political parties represented, all except Cs. “In exchange for 500 million, which are not such because 150 are of the deliveries to accounts and 350 depend on the flexibility of the deficit, we do not renounce the 4,000 million corresponding to Andalusia,” he added.

Thus, Rodriguez has questioned that Susana Diaz says he will not renounce such agreement because “you see little belligerence about the resignation that Sanchez has made to renew the funding model, especially when the Minister of Finance is the Andalusian ex-councilor, María Jesús Montero, who was the architect of the Andalusian document.

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