How to apply for payday loans no credit check

The personal loans with ASNEF offered by some private companies are credits that can be contracted by people who are registered in files of defaulters, although to obtain them it is necessary to have sufficient income. On this page, you will find the best personal loans with ASNEF and payroll.

How are personal loans with ASNEF and payroll?

If we need liquidity and, for one reason or another, our data are registered in a register of defaulters, there are many entities that will not allow us to obtain credits, but we will have the option of obtaining financing thanks to personal loans with ASNEF and payroll that they grant some private equity companies.

These products stand out above the rest of the credits thanks to three characteristics: speed (at the time of granting us the money), convenience (when carrying out the application process) and flexibility (in the conditions they demand).

In order to obtain these credits, we will only have to fulfill some simple requirements and show that we receive a salary (or other income) sufficient to return the borrowed money. Next, we will see what are the different types of personal loans with ASNEF and without guarantees that exist, what conditions must be met to obtain them, how much money they offer and who grants them.

Types of loans with ASNEF and payroll

Getting financing can be a very complicated task if our data appear in a file of defaulters, but it is not impossible. Although banks and many companies will not grant us their personal loans, a few companies will approve our application even if we are in ASNEF, RAI or any other list of defaults. These are the loans we can get while at ASNEF:

  • Mini-credits with ASNEF: they are loans with a personal guarantee with which we can get up to 750 euros in just a few minutes, with hardly any paperwork and with a completely online application. Its maximum term is around 30 days and has a cost of 1.1% per day. In order to obtain mini loans with ASNEF and payroll, the debt for which we were enrolled must not be higher than 200 euros or be related to a non-payment to a financial institution.
  • Pawn of cars: if we have a car in property, we can use it as a guarantee to be able to request a loan. Normally the entity makes an appraisal of our vehicle and we can get 50% of the current value of our car. As a general rule, we can continue to use our vehicle while we repay the personal loan. If we do not pay the loan, we run the risk of losing our car.
  • Loans with mortgage guarantee: these are loans that we can only request if we have a homeownership. We can get up to 500,000 euros and their repayment terms usually last for years. They are an alternative when we need more financing, although we run the risk of losing our home if we incur a default.

In the event that none of these options that allow us to obtain loans with ASNEF cover our financing needs, the only way to access other types of loans will be to make the debt effective in order to get out of these files. Once we have left the list of defaults, we can request any loan without inconvenience.

Are personal loans with ASNEF more expensive?

No more than any other loan. It is a common belief that companies that offer personal loans with ASNEF apply a higher interest rate or charge an additional commission to people who appear in delinquent records since the risk of default is greater. However, it should be noted that these lenders never overcharge their clients for appearing on one of these lists, since the fact of granting personal loans with ASNEF and payroll alone is an additional advantage that in no case makes the service more expensive.

Even so, as is logical, to obtain these products we will have to fulfill two extra requirements: that the debt for which we are in ASNEF does not come from banking entities (credit card, overdrafts …) and that the amount of money that We must not exceed the limit established by the entity.

In short, personal loans with ASNEF without a mortgage have the same price as any quick credit that we have to repay in 30 days. The average price of these products oscillates 1.1% daily, so if we decide to request 100 euros to return in 30 days we will have to pay 33 euros. This is the best way to compare the price of different products to find the cheapest one. If we get one that is below 1.1% daily, we will have found a personal loan with cheap ASNEF.

How to apply for loans while at ASNEF and without a payroll?

Having a payroll is not an essential requirement to contract loans with ASNEF, as long as we receive a regular, justifiable and sufficient income that assures the lender that we can repay the debt within the agreed return period. Therefore, we must demonstrate to the credit company that we have some type of monthly income, whether it is a pension, an unemployment benefit, a scholarship or the IRPF, among others. The minimum amount of income that will require us varies depending on the lender we go, although in general we are asked to charge at least 500 euros per month.

If we are on a list of defaulters such as ASNEF or RAI, we can only access financing if we comply with the limits set by the lender. For example, in most private companies require that our debt does not exceed 1,000 euros, although depending on the case can set the limit at 2,000 euros or 500 euros. In addition, to be able to contract a loan with ASNEF, our debt cannot come from a bank, that is, we cannot be registered in the list of defaults for a credit card, a payroll advance, and so on.

Alternative and valid income to the payroll

If we charge a salary, our chances of obtaining personal loans with ASNEF will be higher, but having a payroll is not an essential condition to be able to access these products. The companies that offer these credits consider valid any source of stable and sufficient income to reimburse the borrowed money, as long as it can be proved. Therefore, if we receive any of the following income, we can contract personal loans with ASNEF or RAI:

  • Unemployment benefit: if we are unemployed and we are receiving unemployment, we can deliver a document that certifies it to request personal loans.
  • Pension: if we are retired, we can also request personal loans by delivering the relevant documents.
  • Self-employed salary: another income that is considered valid is the remuneration paid by the self-employed for their commercial activity.

If we have any of the above sources of income, we can get personal loans, even if we do not have payroll, but only if we receive an amount that allows us to return the credit, that is, that the entity considers sufficient and regular, that we receive it. for a long time.

Conditions to access a loan with ASNEF

Each company establishes its own conditions of access according to its risk policy, but, in general, we will always have to meet the following requirements if we want to contract payday loans no credit check:

  • Be of legal age Some lenders will also require us to be at least 21 or 25 years old.
  • Be a resident in Spain.
  • Have a checking account in our name.
  • Tener stable and sufficient income (payroll, unemployment benefits, pension) to repay the loan.

As we see, these conditions are the same that will require us to be able to access any other fast credit. However, if our data appears in a file of defaulters, we will also have to meet two other specific requirements of personal loans with ASNEF:

  • That the debt or debts for which we are enrolled do not exceed 1,000 euros; although depending on the entity the limit of the outstanding debt can vary between 500 euros and 2,000 euros
  • That the debts have no connection with credit entities. To access personal loans with ASNEF the outstanding debts can be with our telephone company, a fine not paid or an electricity bill. However, if the debt is with a bank, even if the amount is less than 1,000 euros, our request will not be accepted.

Once we are sure that we meet all the requirements, both general and specific, we will not have any problem in getting fast money with ASNEF. However, it is important that before applying for any loan with ASNEF in an entity, we should inform ourselves about the exact conditions that we have to comply with. This will save us losing time in proceedings.

Documents to get personal loans

To demonstrate that we meet the requirements we have seen in the previous sections, when we request personal loans with ASNEF we will have to deliver a series of documents. These will be one or the other depending on each lender, but in most cases, they will ask us to send the following documentation:

  • Online form: here we will put our personal data, how much money we want to request or when we want to return it. DNI / NIE: a photocopy of our identity document to verify our data.
  • Debt: a document to review our debt, how much money we owe and with what company.
  • Proof of income: a photocopy of our payroll or another document that verifies that we have a stable income
  • Account number: a photocopy of the current account of which we are holders to deposit the money.
  • Proof of ownership: if we request personal loans with a real guarantee, we must present a document certifying that we are the owners of the vehicle or home.

We must bear in mind that the more money we request, the more requirements and documents we will be asked to verify that we are sufficiently solvent to face the credit monthly payments. Before sending the documentation, it is important that we make sure that it is updated and that the photocopies are perfectly legible. Otherwise, we will take longer to complete the process because the entity will backtrack our request.

Frequent doubts about ASNEF

Am I in a file of defaulters? Before enrolling in these files, the company must notify us that it will enroll us and the reason why it does so through a certified mail.

Who knows if I’m in ASNEF? In order to have access to the people who are registered with ASNEF, companies must be partners of the platform and have to pay a monthly fee. However, if we want to know if our data is in ASNEF it is possible to do it completely free of charge

How can I leave ASNEF? The only way to no longer be enrolled in a file of defaulters is to pay the outstanding debt for which we are enrolled. Once the company has been paid, you must contact ASNEF to have it removed from the list.

What does it mean to be in a file of defaulters? Being enrolled in ASNEF or similar files is a problem that affects mainly when contracting financial products. Although there are personal loans with ASNEF, not all entities will let us access the products we need (credit cards, loans, etc.) if we have unpaid debts.

Purpose of personal loans with ASNEF

The majority of personal loans with ASNEF and without payroll are mini-loans or quick loans that are used, basically, to obtain urgent financing at specific moments of lack of liquidity. In general, the amount of these products does not exceed 1,000 euros, so they are especially indicated to get a little extra cash to solve any setback. These are some of the uses that are usually given to personal loans with ASNEF:

  1. Solve unforeseen events: a punctured wheel, broken glasses, a refrigerator that does not work or a visit to the dentist can unbalance our budget. With loans with ASNEF, we can get the money we need to solve these emergencies.
  2. Paying receipts: a bill of the electricity or the highest Internet of the account can leave us without liquidity for that reason the credits with ASNEF can help us to distribute the expenses in a longer period of time and not have to return the receipt.
  3. Avoid “red numbers”: an overdraft in our current account can cause us expenses and associated commissions that can be up to 7 times more expensive than a loan. So if we foresee that we can stay in the red, we can request personal loans with ASNEF and have the money in our account in a matter of minutes.

This type of loans does not require endorsement or a specific purpose so it will not be necessary to justify what we will use the money for and we can give it the purpose we want.